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gEDA-user: Bugtracker-cleanup


I spend some time with the pcb-bugtracker on launchpad. So, I made a list of things, where I think, they can be done without adding new problems. Perhaps, someone of the developer with commit-access can have a look for them. There also are several patches which looks fine to me, but my programming-skills are not enough good to check them (today there are 45 bugs with non-commited patches).

Here is the list:
    a) Patches for documentation
    - 699306 elements color in manual
    - 699391 refcard updates
    - 699476 G-CODE export GUI
    aa) Patches for the Webside
    - 704086 download page links to sourceforge
    b) Patches for GTK-gui
    - 769815 Fix warnings 'gray50 ignored' for gtk menu
    - 699496 Detect case-different accelerators as unique
    - 699510 Cleanup conditional code because GTK 2.12 is required now
    - 699493 Add plus and minus to possible keyboard-shortcuts
    c) New features/modifications
- 699508 Use GTK dialog for confirming file-overwrite (replaces pcb-dialog-implementation with a dialog given by gtk+)
    d) Patches to the core
    - 699478 refdes labels in new layout can't be moved without restart

Thank you for taking the time, kind regards,

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