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gEDA-user: Dealing with duplicate symbol filenames?

   I haven't noticed it in the future-library discussion yet, but one way
   or the other, I would like some sort of namespacing or subdirectory
   awareness in linked symbols. For example, I have a project with two
   symbols named "pad.sym" on the search path. One is from the standard
   library and the other is from [1]gedasymbols.org.  Every time I start
   gschem, it complains about the ambiguity.

   A clunky way to sole the problem would be to encourage more unique
   filenames in the library and on [2]gedasymbols.org, but ideally, the
   library manager would be smart enough to know that the symbols are in
   different namespaces and will not complain. I suppose those "namespace"
   could be as simple as different subdirectories or as complex as an
   added "namespace" attribute.

   Does gEDA already a way to solve this problem that I've overlooked?



   1. http://gedasymbols.org/
   2. http://gedasymbols.org/

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