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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

On Wed, 2011-05-18 at 00:41 +1000, Russell Shaw wrote:

> The problem with KiCAD is 1) C++, 2) Qt.
> C++ was a *really* bad idea. Qt i don't like because it was fundamentally
> architected just for the sake of hiding code from users using the MOC
> preprocessor that used to be closed source. Anyway, it's C++ too.

KiCAD uses wxWidgets, not (direct) QT. Qucs uses QT.

Many people seems to like QT. When I started learning GUI programming
for Linux some years ago, I decided for GTK, against QT. Because GTK is
more in the spirit of FOSS. But most people seems to vote for QT,
against GTK. Popularity of QT may drop, when there is less support from
Nokia in future.

C++: I have never managed to really learn it -- with a background in
Pascal/Modula/Oberon I was never really happy with C++. But for a PCB
layout tool C++ may be still the best choice. Ruby and Python are nice
for non time critical applications. Vala may be a nice option, as long
we are programming for GTK/Gnome. 

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