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Re: gEDA-user: An opportunity to fix the symbol library

Ales Hvezda wrote:

>> The symbols in the current default lib fail for both.
> Why don't you use gedasymbols.org to show us how you would fix the
> current gEDA/gaf shipped symbol library.  

In a way, I already do ;-)  See my section at gedasymbols.org.
Of course, the actual choice of components was guided by the 
kind of projects I do. And I did not strive for completeness
beyond what I actually need.

> Create your ideal library,

IMHO, we all agree, that there is no such thing in a general sense. 
No size fits all. That does not preclude improvement over the current 

> no limits, or restrictions.  Also, feel free to use as much disk space
> on gedasymbols.org (I have explicit permission from DJ) as you need.

Size wouldn't be an issue, anyway. In fact, I believe, the default libs
should be cut down to essentials -- Few instances, but excellent quality,
ready to use. Given the availability of gedasymbols.org, there is no point
to have several GND symbols and three kinds of BC247. Such a lib can act 
as a starting point for first projects and for a localized set of libs.

> Let people know it exists, use it, and comment on it.  Then, we can
> compare your symbol library to the broken shipped symbol library and
> see if it makes sense to switch.

I consider to bite...

Kai-Martin Knaak
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