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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

> Couldn't you consider maintaining some backwards-compatibility by
> having the metadata file simply contain references to the symbol
> files (plus other garbage, spice, kitchen sinks, etc), and footprint
> files? That should only require a minimal effort on the part of
> gSchem to read the new metadata file.

My thought on that would be that PCB gives gnetlist information about
the layout (pin swapping, package changes, etc) and gnetlist reads the
schematics, applies the metadata and layout changes, and generates
updates for the layout.  Or, reads it all and generates an annotated
schematic.  No reason why gschem couldn't run the netlister itself,
with a different backend that gives it the same metadata in a
gschem-friendly format.

That way, you can make changes in pcb and not worry about getting them
out of sync with the schematics, and you an have both light and
annotated schematics, or you can back-annotate your schematics.  It
seemed like it would cover all the bases.

For backwards compatibility, you just have an empty (or no) metadata,
so you get whatever's in the schematics.

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