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Re: gEDA-user: Task list for: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

W dniu 26 maja 2011 17:52 uÅytkownik DJ Delorie <dj@xxxxxxxxxxx> napisaÅ:

>> Maybe we should aim at core gnetlist API being available in libgeda?
>> Or in libgnetlist?
> What would this API provide? ÂWould PCB need/want to use it?

I'm not sure yet - just were trying to think how to provide an option
to use multiple scripting languages.
Currently backend methods are discovered & loaded by the gnetlist core.
That is only possible if scripting language is embedded into executable.
If gnetlist became a library, common low-level code & the driving part
would be kept there.
Backends would then be standalone executables/scripts that would load
gnetlist library, register callbacks and kick gnetlist core to start

Another way is to provide primitive operations for querying schematics
and other data sources and implement whole netlister flow in the
backend - depends on the level of freedom/burden we want to have in
the scripting layer.

Krzysztof KoÅciuszkiewicz
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -- Leonardo da Vinci

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