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Re: gEDA-user: Task list for: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

2011/5/26 DJ Delorie <dj@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Maybe we should aim at core gnetlist API being available in libgeda?
>> Or in libgnetlist?
> What would this API provide?  Would PCB need/want to use it?

I haven't had time to follow all the discussions lately; however, I've
long thought that gnetlist should be a very basic API/data structure
and a collection of plugins that provide actions that operate on that
basic data structure.  Something like a basic hierarchy of objects
that each have a name and a collection of key/value pairs where values
can be other objects.  Then a gschem plugin that provides a
"LoadGschem(file, [file...])", a database plugin that provides
something like "MapPackages(metadata_file)", a guile plugin that
provides a "GuileExport(backend)", pcb plugin that provides
"CreatePCB()" and "UpdatePCB()", gnucap plugin provides
"SaveVerilog()", some XML fan provides "SaveXML()", etc.

Then legacy gnetlist behavior becomes a tcl (?) script
"LoadGschem(files); Preprocess(<-c argument>); GuileExport(backend);"

Just wish I had time to flesh it out (obviously there's a lot of devil
in the details) and code up a prototype/proposal to see if it makes


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