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Re: gEDA-user: Task list for: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

> What is the intended workflow gschem -> PCB in  future?

gschem \
partdb  >->  gnetlist  ->  action script -> pcb
oldpcb /

> Currently we have gsch2pcb (gnetlist) and I read that recent PCB can
> read gschem schematics direct -- I have no idea how PCB does this, is

PCB calls gnetlist.  Gnetlist generates an action script which
describes the "should be", and PCB updates the layout to match it.

> The reason why I am asking: I would like to transfer extended
> information from schematics to initial PCB layout,

The importer (gnet-pcbfwd.scm) copies any attributes from the
schematic to the PCB element already.  PCB has some logic for placing
new elements, but I don't recall if it does the placement before or
after it imports the attributes.  It's all in src/action.c (the
Import() action).

> My intention was to define something like an extended netlist format,
> which may contain footprint names and there position and nets with
> attributes (width, impedance, length, ...)

PCB's netlist already supports a "style" parameter, but nobody uses it
at this time.  The file format for storing the netlist is similarly

However, the new importer doesn't use the old netlist file any more.
It's all done with PCB actions - gnetlist builds a script, pcb runs

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