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Re: gEDA-user: Two things ... or actually, three

On Tue, 31 May 2011 05:09:25 +0200
Kai-Martin Knaak <kmk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Richard Rasker wrote:
> > OK, I'll start by reading up on the light vs. heavy symbol
> > discussions. Do I understand correctly that heavy symbols basically
> > have certain nets with predefined names (e.g. VCC, GND) implicitly
> > included, whereas light symbols offer the pins to connect those
> > nets oneself? 
> Not quite. There seems to be a consensus, that hidden nets are bad
> style.

I'll throw out the most important reason that hidden nets (e.g.,
Vcc/GND pins) on symbols is bad:

   Power and ground connections are a critical part of the circuit
   design but would not be visible when looking at the schematic!

You would have to click a symbol and bring up the attribute editing
window to see to which net power and ground are connected.

If you print the schematic or view it as a PDF, this important aspect
of design is lost.  Certainly there are other important attributes that
are often hidden, like âfootprintâ, etc., but footprint is actually less
of a concern for the schematic, and more of a concern in other workflow
phases (i.e., layout, or preferably a separate future process to
separate footprints from the schematic...).


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