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Re: gEDA-user: Two things ... or actually, three

> Do I understand correctly that heavy symbols basically have certain nets
> with predefined names (e.g. VCC, GND) implicitly included, whereas light
> symbols offer the pins to connect those nets oneself?

The difference between light and heavy is specificity.  A light
resistor, for example, is just "resistor".  A heavy resistor would be
"Rohm 1.2k Resistor, 1%, p/n XYZ, 0603 package with RESC0603M
footprint, from Digikey v/n RHM123H-ND"

> I checked the PCB reference on this subject for my PCB build
> (http://pcb.gpleda.org/pcb-20100929/pcb.html#Import-Action ), but it
> isn't clear at all what I should do to import a set of schematic
> files (say, myproject_page1.sch, myproject_page2.sch and
> myproject_page3.sch, all located in
> ~/electronics/customer_x/techfiles/).

Simplest version: you have foo.sch and foo.pcb.  Import() assumes
that, does it all by default.

Less simple: foo1.sch and foo2.sch become foo.pcb.  Edit the layout
attributes, add "import::src0" value "foo1.sch" and "import::src1"
value"foo2.sch".  Then Import() uses that list of schematics.

Least simple: set import::mode to value "make" and do it all in a

> When I simply choose File -> Import Schematics, PCB's log shows the same
> response as when I press "O" -- it tells me the number of remaining rat
> lines. At this point, I'm not asked for any schematic files, changed or
> not.

Check the terminal too, for any gnetlist errors.  If your pcb and geda
were installed at different locations, gnetlist might not be able to
find pcb's importer module.

> Should I fill in a space-separated list for src0, pointing to the
> various schematic files? And what to do about "(null)", if anything?

one file per import::srcN, so src0 is one file, src1 is the next, etc.

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