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Re: gEDA-user: gnetlist

> so, "load the design files as raw data" seems to mean so that the
> same input could be recreated from the internal data representation.

Well, assuming we actually record *all* the data.  My point was,
whatever data we care about, we do the least amount of processing on,
unless the backend asks for it.

I didn't expect *everything* to be read in *exactly*.

> You left out layout,

That would be "back-annotation info".  In my world, PCB asks for the
netlist, so it needs to figure out how to tell gnetlist what its data

> so I guess you mean reading data about physical stackup in 3D is not
> desirable for gnetlist.  I kinda agree -- it would be hard for
> gnetlist to output that without a lot of physical layout code.

Right, but gnetlist needs to know about, for example, pin swapping.

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