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gEDA-user: gnetlist (was: Perl)

On 05/30/2011 01:50 AM, John Doty wrote:
> But who's volunteering?

On 05/30/2011 01:50 AM, John Doty wrote:
So, one way or another, we're looking at a new tool, I think. Maybe we keep
the old gnetlist around and feed it modified/annotated schematics.

>    There will always be people who don't like a particular choice. That's
> true of anything.  All changing it will accomplish is changing who is pleased and who is disgusted.
I'm with DJ here: contributions will decide. The language doesn't matter so much to me.
> The big issue here is that our tool, gnetlist, hides much of the design data behind its API. This makes
>  general-purpose design translation tricky, and annotation impossible. So, the first challenge
> to the various language advocates here is to prototype a fundamental API that reveals all,
> in a way convenient for higher level factors to exploit.

I would like to separate out some API functions and code them if it could be one day's worth at a time.
I won't be able to volunteer more than a day every other week.  I can see learning what's needed,
getting little chunks done, then with the promise of future completion, and maybe merit badges,
enlist others to help with little chunks.  One problem gettingmovement on code like gEDA is tha magnitude
scares away certain kinds of volunteers - they won't start something they can't see finishing, or anything
that is weeks long.

What does an API prototype look like?  An outline?
A list of paired commands and descriptions of what they do?


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