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Re: gEDA-user: gnetlist

On 05/30/2011 11:55 AM, DJ Delorie wrote:
One thought I had for gnetlist backends, is to recode gnetlist as a
set of libraries.  The Core would only load the design files
(schematics, spreadsheets, databases, back-annotation info, etc) as
raw data; the backend would be required to call at least one library
function that said "I want data in this format".

so, "load the design files as raw data" seems to mean so that
the same input could be recreated from the internal data representation.

What does the internal data representation need to be in order to get all the kinds of data?
What is a minimal definition for internal data representation that allows adding anything else
in the realm of schematics, spreadsheets, databases, back-annotation info?

You left out layout, so I guess you mean reading data about physical stackup
in 3D is not desirable for gnetlist.  I kinda agree -- it would be hard for gnetlist
to output that without a lot of physical layout code.

I'd like the first definition
of what gnetlist does be, "Output any data it takes in, in the same format,
with lost spatial position information allowed, but keeping all other data intact."

Can we output a schematic though?  It would not have any human readability if it lost
its drawing info -- its position of symbols info.

We have no mechanism for outputting a layout now and are not likely to get it.
It would be nice to have layout list output that is in good format for that layout tool
so you could merge it with full layout files.

So, is anything that asks for data in a format going to be called a back-end?
And the only way to use gnetlist is with one and only one back-end, right?


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