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Re: gEDA-user: gnetlist (was: Perl)

> Why have a core at all? One of the issues with the current gnetlist
> is that it cannot be ported to a different Scheme implementation,
> because the core is Guile-specific. Why not start from Scheme
> functions for reading/writing .sch format?

I never said the core had to be C, but given we already have an
official "how to read a .sch" in C, it makes sense to use that library
- somehow.  For the PCB case, I suspect PCB will produce a scheme
script that the backend can just run to "load" its data.  Perhaps a
sch2scm helper program is in order?

By "The Core" I meant "the program called gnetlist, which loads the
design files and runs the backend".  Even if you turn that around and
have "the core" be some library that handles the overhead of
initializing a netlister, it's still some minimum amount of overhead
that needs to be done every time.

Basic housekeeping - parsing the command line, loading the .config and
finding the backend/library locations, reading design files, etc. -
always need to be done.

> This is already present, in shallow form, in gnetlist.scm and
> gnetlist-post.scm, but much of the digestion happens unconditionally

Right.  Gnetlist calls "that function" before running the backend, but
IMHO the backend should call "that function" - if that's what the
backend wants.  I suspect a small handful of "that functions" would
suffice for the netlisters we already have.

> OK, I think we now have a nice creative rivalry between Schemers and
> Pythonians. Let's see some code!

If you wait for me to write code, it won't be in scheme :-)

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