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Re: [gftp] plans for a new release

There is one reason to use gFTP over filezilla: it gives a list of files
where you can change status from "overwrite", "ignore" etc. Every other
ftp software prompt for each file to be overwritten, which is very bad
if you have 4000 files to upload but only 1 or 2 of them are new.

But, this outstanding feature only exist in the latest build (a.k.a. not
released). Hope new gftp can release in recent years.

Best regards

Donald H Locker wrote:
> I hate to raise this on a gftp list, but has anyone tried filezilla. 
> I just built it for my home machine, and tried the Windoze build at
> work and they seem to work, but I have no long-term experience.
> Donald.
> Anthony DiSante wrote:
>> Oliver Lehmann wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I wonder if there are any plans for a new release of gFTP since the
>>> last
>>> one is from 2005 which seems a bit dusty imho...
>>> If I'm not mistaken, Brian spoke a year ago about ideas for a new
>>> release
>>> - but I never heard about a new release since then...
>> Me too.  I use gFTP all day long, but only because I haven't found
>> any decent alternatives.  I'd love to have a new release that fixes
>> some of the outstanding issues with gFTP (extremely slow performance
>> in SSH/SFTP mode; the fact that it crashes ALL THE TIME when
>> connection errors occur; and a bunch of other bugs that I've reported
>> here over the past 3 years...).

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