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Things to do

Hi All,

I thought I'd generate a little bit of discussion by posting the most
recently-reprioritised TODO list. I want some feedback/comments about what
should be the most important stuff to do first. Also, if anyone else wants
to write some code, go for it!

With the first few things ("Presentation stuff"), that's mainly cosmetic
things, but undoubtably GT could do with some spit-and-polish. Anyone know
someone who could help out in the artistic side of things? Yourselves? My
crude attempts at a GT webpage should be enough evidence for a general
lack of artistic designing ability.

	* Presentation stuff:
		- icons (for window managers that use icons)
		- a decent "logo"
		- menu entries (for Redhat, Debian, etc.)
	* Scrollbar disappears (i.e. canvas reshrink) when graph is smaller
	* Accelerators for various things
		- switching modes
	* "Factorised" forms for chromatic polynomials
	* Undo
	* Perform code audit for untranslated strings
		(write some perl scripts to automate this!)
	* Combinatorial stuff:
		- automorphism group (integration with 'nauty'?)
		- Cycle index polynomial
	* Help system
	* Multigraphs
		- curved edges (4-point bezier curves?)
		- loops
		- need to do a complete code audit!
	* xfig (and others?) output
	* Pretty polynomial displays
	* Minimal Spanning trees (Prim's algorithm for undirected)
	* More comprehensive testing
	* Poset stuff:
		- determine if a Hasse diagram
		- spit out minimal ordering
	* More input formats: Stanford GraphBase, xfig, (others?)
	* Travelling salesman problem

"Computer science is no more about computers
  than astronomy is about telescopes."
	- E.W. Dijkstra