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Re: GraphThing translations (fwd)

Let's migrate general discussion like this to the mailing list, so
everyone can benefit.

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Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:59:26 +0100 (MET)
From: Josep M. Lopez Besora <jlopez@etse.urv.es>
To: Dave Symonds <ds@seul.org>
Subject: Re: GraphThing translations

Hi Dave,

after a few complicated days both at home and work, I could take my time
to look at this nauty package features. It looks like a good idea to
integrate with it, rather than rewriting those algorithms into your own

I haven't been able to install gt 0.9, because of failed dependencies
within my (old!) RedHat 7.2 . I'll have to ask for assistance to some
colleague who's more into those things than I am...

As to TODO list, it's a nice one. If I can think of something, I'll let
you know. Well, there's a minor thing which I can't remember whether we
talked about or not: given a graph G, and its chromatic polynomial P(x),
|P(-1)| is the number of ways to assign orientations to edges in such a
way that the resulting directed graph has no cycles (number of acyclic
directed graphs with G as subjacent graph).

As I have joined the list, I'll be informed of discussion on gt.


Josep M.

Josep M. Lopez Besora                        Tel. 34 977559662
Dpt. Enginyeria Informatica i Matematiques   Fax  34 977559710
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