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Re: GraphThing 1.3 released!

David Symonds <dsymonds@xxxxxxxxx> (11/09/2006):
> Okay, I have no idea what a "complete dak" is, but it sounds useful...

Oops, I forgot the important part here: dak is the tool used to manage
the ``real'' Debian archive. So we've got a ``real'' repository now. :)
(That's also on a dedicated server, and no longer on a homebox.)

> The GNU GPL 'COPYING' file is already included in the source tarballs;
> is it really necessary to have a big block of text at the start of all
> 42 source files in GraphThing?

I guess that something like ``This file is part of the GraphThing
program, and is licensed under the GNU GPL'' at least, would be
sufficient.  You can also have a look at the GPL instructions[1] on the
GNU website.

 1. http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-howto.html

> I think I've fixed that one problem. I'll try to make a 1.3.1 release
> soon-ish with all these tweaks rolled in.

OK, would be a pleasure to test it, then. :)

> Thanks greatly for the reporting!

Thanks greatly for being so responsive and understanding!


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