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Re: GraphThing 1.3 released!

David Symonds <dsymonds@xxxxxxxxx> (06/09/2006):
> Thanks for your patience, all. Post here if you have any problems with
> it.
Are suggestions welcome? I guess so. :-)

First: good news.

Some friends of mine are setting up a complete dak on their box, and I'm
allowed to upload there. So new Debian package are available for sid
(unstable), architecture i386. I also built them successfully on sid,
architecture powerpc without problems. We still need some time to see
how to deal with multi-arch packages.

Users can fetch the package adding this to their /etc/apt/sources.list:
  deb ftp://debian.asyd.net/ sid main
  deb-src ftp://debian.asyd.net/ sid main

then update the package list, and install ``graphthing''. (Current: 1.3)

I'll provide you with a webpage you can link to in some time, which will
summarize what to do, etc.

You can also point the users to the directory:

That was the cool part. ;-)

Here are some suggestions:
 - adding license/copyright headers to source files. That'll ease these
   kind of checks for: everyone, and also ftpmasters (the real ones on
   debian.org are intransigeant on that kind of things) and I really
   would like to see it included in Debian soon;
 - the manpage, but you already know about that;
 - fix 32/64 bits issue, as described below.

I ask a friend to check that this package built on amd64 (since it's
also an official architecture for Debian), and that FTBFS (Fails To
Build From Source), here is a quick IRC chat I hope you would be able to
take into account for further releases of graphthing:

,---[IRC log: #debian-xfce/freenode]---
| <_ds> FTBFS (on testing/amd64): graph.cc:494: error: cast from
|       'Vertex*' to 'int' loses precision
| <_ds> KiBi, looks like that was the only FTBFS. Changing the type of
|       edge (src/edge.h) to long and adjusting that cast appropriately
|       should be enough.
| <KiBi> _ds: Many thanks for your report!
| <_ds> char, short int, int are as for i386; however, long int and
|       pointers are 64-bit.
| <intero> void* is 8 bytes instad of 4 
| <intero> yes
| <intero> and long is != int, as long is 8 bytes too
| <intero> this influences also things like size_t, which is long, etc.
| <intero> of course, floating points are always the same
| <intero> so, if you really have to pass a pointer as an integer, let
|          it be 8 bytes long. remember that g++ gives an error on that,
|          while gcc doesnt

I hope I didn't forget anything.


Cyril Brulebois

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