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Re: Newbie needs cheap cds

Yes, S. Lockwood. You wrote:
>> > > > contents of the differential subsection on top of RH
>> 5.2
>> > The noncommercial versions are avilable for about $2-.
>> Well now! I think I have enough spare change around here for
>> that! Where can I find such a bargain?
>http://www.lsl.com : RH 5.2 for $3.50
>http://www.cheapbytes.com : RH 5.2 for $1.99
http://linuxcentral.com: RH 5.2 2CDs for $2.95

There's also a CD exchange, where you just pay for the postage here:

So no more excuses about it being too expensive.  ;)
And the truth is, you need a bigger hard drive and they're pretty cheap now