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Re: Volume

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, you wrote:
> I am alarmed at the fact redhat seems to have
> KDE+Gnome+Enlightenment+an 8 meg RPM of desktop backgrounds+ many
> compatiability libraries+ 3 monoprocessor kernel RPMS + two SMP
> kernels.  I fear once we add our stuff we no longer fait on a CD and
> for now I don't see an easy way to make an install handling two CDs
> except for the very primitive: select trhis and this, install, mount
> second CD, install.  And this requires packages on second CD being
> leaves on a dependency tree.  rufus.w3.org mirror is still not
> complete so I cannot check.
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> 			Jean Francois Martinez
> Project Independence: Linux for the Masses
> http://www.independence.seul.org

I checked for RH 6.0 on some of the mirrors (can't get ftp.redhat.com?) and
checked the install source. According to the creation dates on the source files
I found, RH seems to be using the same install for 6.0 as they did for 5.2.
I have not compared any of the actual sources yet, but at a glance I'm
reasonably sure it's the same. Was the mirror I looked at correct? All of the
other ones I could connect with were not listing 6.0 yet.

Has anyone checked out VMware for Linux yet? I downloaded a copy and found it
to be a pretty slick little tool. In case anyone is wandering, it allows you to
install several other OS's (all Windows versions, Linux and others) that run
on a virtual machine created by the program. You run a normal, complete install
of the OS inside the VM and it sees only the configuration (RAM, disk size,
etc.) that you set. It will see any devices that Linux has installed and use
them. I found it's good for testing other installs or OS's without
repartitioning your drive. So you can run and test the OS in a controlled
environment. It's only an evaluation copy, but if your curious you can read
about/get it here: http://www.vmware.com
Mine runs a little slow due to the fact that the min recommended host
system should be an Intel PII @ 255 Mhz., but my P(r) 200 Mhz MMX will run it.
I installed (slowly) Win 98 and it didn't know it was running in Linux, neat!
I will use it to do Linux test installs on my machine until the license runs
out :-)

Rob Mayhue
Linux (Linux Is New Understanding eXitement)