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Re: Volume

> Has anyone checked out VMware for Linux yet? I downloaded a copy and found it
> to be a pretty slick little tool. In case anyone is wandering, it allows you to
> install several other OS's (all Windows versions, Linux and others) that run
> on a virtual machine created by the program. You run a normal, complete install
> of the OS inside the VM and it sees only the configuration (RAM, disk size,
> etc.) that you set. It will see any devices that Linux has installed and use
> them. I found it's good for testing other installs or OS's without
> repartitioning your drive. So you can run and test the OS in a controlled
> environment. It's only an evaluation copy, but if your curious you can read
> about/get it here: http://www.vmware.com
> Mine runs a little slow due to the fact that the min recommended host
> system should be an Intel PII @ 255 Mhz., but my P(r) 200 Mhz MMX will run it.
> I installed (slowly) Win 98 and it didn't know it was running in Linux, neat!
> I will use it to do Linux test installs on my machine until the license runs
> out :-)
> Rob Mayhue
> rgmayhue@usa.net
> Linux (Linux Is New Understanding eXitement)

When the license goes out out you can freely purchase another one (I did it several
times !)