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Re: Volume

> > leaves on a dependency tree.  rufus.w3.org mirror is still not
> > complete so I cannot check.
> I checked for RH 6.0 on some of the mirrors (can't get ftp.redhat.com?) a=
> nd
> checked the install source. According to the creation dates on the source=
>  files
> I found, RH seems to be using the same install for 6.0 as they did for 5.=
> 2.
> I have not compared any of the actual sources yet, but at a glance I'm
> reasonably sure it's the same. Was the mirror I looked at correct? All of=
>  the
> other ones I could connect with were not listing 6.0 yet.

lite.seul.org (aka lite.mit.edu) has a full accurate redhat-6.0 mirror.

It's been maxing out my subnet for the past several days. :)