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Re: I'm back

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> I'm back.  I'm alive.  Barely: the return trip was horrendous.
> I see there has been a big change with our departure from dunadan.
> I'm reading the mail I received during thesethree weeks.
> Two points: we will have to advertise our change of location for the
> web site in Linux-Announces and the other point is move the HTML
> hierarchy under the new URL.
> And now a thing I have read on a French magazine (but it is
> unconfirmed): it seems there is a company who is thinking in porting
> an RDBMS of them to Linux.  That company is called IBM (yes the men in
> blue).  Who would have thought that one year ago?

See below for my new Sig :)

Wonders will never seaze.  IBM is a little late however since infomix 
"just typed 'make'". and started selling / giving away infomix SE for 
Linux and now has Linux programers on staff for porting other stuff.

Oracle has "Oracle Vaporware for Linux" ( due in december ) so the IBM
Port will simply seal the DB "ring of fire" around NT.

BTW : DB2 is already ported according to 4 different people@ibm.com and
they are mearly waiting for the Marketing people to decide weather it's
worthwhile to try and sell this.

"So let me get this straight," one IBM lawyer said. 
"We're doing a deal with . . . a Web site?"
http://www.forbes.com/forbes/98/0810/6209094a.htm  For context.
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