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Re: I'm back

In message <19980801232115.4076.qmail@sidney.remcomp.fr>, jfm2@club-internet.fr writes:
>Two points: we will have to advertise our change of location for the
>web site in Linux-Announces and the other point is move the HTML
>hierarchy under the new URL.

yep. feel free to run it by me if you want proofreading/suggestions/etc.
I've got rather a lot of experience now writing things like that...

as for the ftp/web sites, i just moved my independence mirror onto
/home/ftp/pub/independence/ on cran. should be accessible by
ftp.seul.org or ftp.independence.seul.org (same machine, the first
one's considerably shorter to write)

The permissions are good enough for reading, and user indy can modify.
Let me know if you want more than this...

The website I'm going to leave to donovan to deal with.