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Re: shared file

> Files belongig to two RPMs at the same time.
> Normally a file must belong to only one RPM (to avoid a package
> overwriting files belonging to another one) but you can make files common
> to more than one RPM provided the RPMs are built from the same SRPM
Thanks, now it makes sense.

So, we're going to stay away from the static linked KDE/gnome apps,
people will just have to run them in their native desktop.
I believe it is safe to assume that most of our users will be deciding to pick
up _either_ KDE or gnome (it tends to be developers and a few other
hard core linux users who would bother to get both), and if they cannot
"mix 'n match" at all this could be a very important decision, more than
just the look and feel stuff: a user's satisfaction could be highly influenced 
by whether they pick the desktop that has the stronger applications available
for their particular areas of interest.

I propose that an in-depth article for the users comparing Gnome and KDE
should go on the TODO list under writing tasks. Unfortunately I am not going
to volunteer to do this task myself; I am not too much into desktops myself, 
nor am I into writing software reviews at all.

Another comment on the TODO list, with the opposite aim of taking something
off the queue :v)

What was that about fixing the lilo rpm?
It's under non-programming jobs, but I don't understand how you can add
a help screen to lilo merely by repackaging.
Miscategorization, or am I missing something here?

                              S. Lockwood