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Re: Knowledge Base (was Re: VI, standards, politics and all that)

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Andrew Wood wrote:

> Query time is a good point. What I was thinking of doing was searching
> through an index of entry titles, and only searching through the actual
> entry text if this initial search produced no joy. Maybe.

we'd want some kind of log(n) algorithm if possibl. THat's what I was
getting at. If it produces some kind of index,  we would most likely get
this ( sorted data usually does ) 

ONe thing I was thinking of is the fact that perl DB-FIle  can use B-Tree
structures ( ie fast queries ) but this would make implementation somewhat
tougher. Probably better to stick with glimpse for now.

> That would mean requiring Apache to be working, though. It seems a bit silly
> to have to have a web server on someone's home machine, just to read the
> help.

But we could extend and do more things with a browser interface.

> A minimal HTTP server (REALLY minimal, HTTP/0.9 sort of thing) wouldn't be
> too hard to incorporate, on the other hand. But there could be problems with
> security, I think.

Perhaps using thttpd ( very lightweight ), and running it out of inetd (
so we can block outside access in hosts.deny ) on a different port ( ie
not 80 ) would be the right move. We probably don't need to write a new
server though, because there are already several that are both light and
very good.