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Re: Knowledge Base (was Re: VI, standards, politics and all that)

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Andrew Wood wrote:

> > How does glimpse work ? ( pardon my ignoarance ) 
> I'm not sure. ;)
> The main thing I'm interested in from the guts of `glimpse' is the `agrep'
> tool - it's kind of like a "fuzzy" version of `grep', in that it allows for
> spelling mistakes and things....
                             ....speed up searching in some way.   
> I've not had a very good look at it yet though. 
You may want to take a look at kdevelop, http://www.kdevelop.org
It uses glimpse to do it's searching. A look at the source files may
shorten your development time. BTW, kdevelop is in beta 1.0 right now
and is a very good KDE/Qt development environment, a lot like MS
Visual C. I thought I would mention that, since you indicated you do a
fair amount of coding.

> > Since we make  the distribution, we could just make it part of the
> > default. Not a problem.
> True enough.
Kdevelop will be included in the next release of KDE (KDE 2.0). So
glimpse should already be installed w/KDE :-)

I should have some questions for your data base, I'll mail them to you
in a day or two.


R.G. Mayhue

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