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Re: Inde CD

From: R G Mayhue

>> There are some files that are not on the server, RG. Did you put into
>> your program what files to download?
>No, what files are not on the server?

Knew you would ask, I should have wrote a few down. Most of the time I
was doing something else, library, stores. . .
>> Been going for 9 hours and 120 megs have been downloaded.

Finished at 11 hours. Does 150 megs sound about right for the 5.2?

>Wget's great isn't it. If get interupted it will redial if you have
>dial-up networking set to auto dial.

Tried by just starting the program but it would not dial out. I got the
ISP connection first. Got an error when I enterd my e-mail address from
the server. Went to anonomous whatever and worked to connect me to

>I will make choosing a drive available in the improved version, as well
>as other features. As far as being demanding, you are just giving me
>ideas and feedback, something programmers need to get the job done
>correctly. I can't think of EVERYTHING by my self 8*))

I like that attitude. :-)

>If you get anymore ideas, I'm all eyes!

OK, but I am in hopes that we can all get together to produce a CD for
the latest version and only the t1 guys will take the time to download.

Is Utica in wine country? Yes, I am lost without my mountains around. How
could anyone live where all is flat?