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Re: Immediate road map

> On Wed, 01 Dec 1999, JF Martinez wrote:
> >
> > For Indy 6.1 I want the following prerequisites:
> > 
> > -It will use the 6.0 installer.
> > - We _need_ Indialer
> >
> I'm working on it. I should have something ready soon. I'm working odd
> hours at my job for the holidays and have a little less spare time to
> work on Indialer  then before. But most of the harder stuff is completed
> and Indialer is progressing faster now.

Well another condition is Cobra (video ooptimizer) being ready and
this one is my cherished child

> This brings up a question Jean. The program I will supply for the
> 6.0 installer will basically be the 'liberator' or the configuration
> portion of Indialer run separately. It is the exact same liberator the
> user will see when they add additional ISP's or change settings in
> Indialer. I'll just cut that part of the code out to be run separately
> in the 6.0 installer. That way Indialer should be ready to run upon
> reboot after the install. 
> Now for the question. Will the liberator need to be compiled and
> executable on it's own, or will my newt source code need to be added
> and compiled into the installer? It's been a little while since I've
> had a look at the installer source, but the Indialer liberator will look
> and feel exactly like the installer. It should blend in very well with
> things. How do you wish to proceed? I'll need to start preparing the
> code.

The installer just foirks a child and starts the Indyaler. 

> BTW, what do you think, 'Indialer' or 'Indyaler'?
> >
> >[snip...] 
> > 
> > -Put the contents of the web server at readiness status once and for
> >  all.
> >
> What do you think about adding a liberator to add a user account
> during the install? As far as I can remember, after the install and
> you reboot you must login as root and then you must manually add a new
> user. I think that was one of the differences in the Mandrake 6.0
> installer. Adding a user other then root during the install.

A good idea but a short term one: we will need for this version but no
longer in the following one efter we upgrade to the 6.1 installer.

By the way we should consider not overburden the user with install
questions, and have programs asking in case it is a first boot.  My 2c
and somewhat doubt riddn idea.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses