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Re: Immediate road map

> "R.G. Mayhue" wrote:
> > What do you think about adding a liberator to add a user account
> > during the install? As far as I can remember, after the install and
> > you reboot you must login as root and then you must manually add a new
> > user.
> Excellent idea.  I believe that this is one of the harder things for a
> Linux newbie to understand, that running programs as root is not a good
> idea.  I use KDE but I know that GNOME gives a warning each time the
> user logs on as root, that this is not a good idea, and gives directions
> on where to find out how to add an additional user.  It would be nice to
> hit this up on the install and in KDE when running as root a la GNOME.

In fact this is badly explained: read Os opininon and you will find a
guy who wrote a _very_ good article on the shortcomings of Linux for
an end user.  He tells about him not being James Bond so he does not
need a separtae account.

We should tell about running root allowing bad moves (analogous yo
"Format C:" and malicious programs infecting the box: ie you are as
naked as in Windows.  That reminds that story when a firm demonstrated
its speech recognition software and a guy in the attendance yelled
"Format C: RETURN" and when Windows assked for confiramation "Yes
RETURN".  It worked.  :_)

And that reminds me that we really need someone writing a _good_
manual: the guy who wrote RedHat's obviously has never bled and
doesn't know the problems of a new user.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses