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[Re: website changes] + [SEUL and us?]

Two messages, I'll just put them in one mail (First is merely aimed at
Donovan I guess, 2nd is just a small question).

1.: Re: website changes

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:

> One general comment: when you add pages, also tweak the header
> pages.

Proposal: what about having the subparts collapse. So only if you go
from the main page to e.g. "Developers", you will be able to see the
subparts belonging to "Developers", like *guidelines, *Packaging, *FAQ
etc. This eliminates the need of putting all links in one page, and thus
allows a more complex structure. Yet you will still be able to see the
site in a "main part -> subpart" structure (no "where am I confusion").
It is easy to implement anyway because all directories have their own

You know what, I'll just implement it.

2.: SEUL and us?

What is our relationship to SEUL? What do we do with their advocacy
(e.g. dev-distr)? Is there any communication? What do we do with their
projects (do we distribute them)? Just wonder.