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Re: Kernel 2.2.2, include?

> Yes, Kernel 2.2.2 is out now. I'ld say let's put it in quick. It's like
> the cherry on top. Just think. We'll have the newest distrib shipping with
> the newest kernel on the block. Oh, boy.
> I did some syncing up with the web site last nite, but haven't done any
> test installs yet.

I would like but...

Going kernel 2.2.2 means a not negligible work load: there are several
packages to upgrade and some that work with 2.2 and not with 2.0 while
their counterparts don't work with 2.2 but work with 2.0 (ipchains is
an example).  In addition it means to try to determine an universal
kernel with good performance or, in case it isn't possible, build a
small set of kernels and have an install able to choose the best one.
Finally you have to modify the startup scripts (2.2 doesn't need to
start kerneld at boot time).

While 2.2 is exciting and a lot faster than 2.0 it does not bring as
big an improvement for an inexperienced user that 2.0 brought
respective to 1.2.  2.0 made kernel recompiling unnecessary if the guy
building the distrib knew its job, 2.2 brings the BTTV driver but no
radical simplification of Linux use nor fundamental features for a non

2.2 is the kind of things who would make Indy sell well if we were
commercial but because we are not we can afford the luxury of
implementing features basing on what the unexperienced user needs (but
because he know nothing about Linux would have zero impact on sales)
instead of what would thrill experienced Linuxers and make  them
buy Indy.

As an example I think it is much more important to modify Indy in
order after install the user is at H minus 2 minutes from being able
to ask for help in case he needs it (ie improve network configuration
for PPP users).

A thing we could do is put in the "additionals" directory a kit for
upgrading to 2.2 but unless we get a volunteer for doing it (hint,
hint :-) we don't have enough manpower to spare for putting 2.2 in the
distrib proper.  It hurts badly.  :-(

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses