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I have gotten EmacSpeak, Embrola and Embrola Server to work.
Yes I know independence should be de emphasizing emacs in
favor of simpler tools but for a blind person it's the least
expensive way to use a computer ( $ 15 sound card VS $ 900
hardware synthesizer :).

These are the files to do it.  Of course you must have sound 
working before and Emacs 20.3 must be installed.  The hard 
part is to make it so a particular user account ( I.e. a 
template user ) will have 'emacspeak' added to his ~/.bashrc

1) The Emacspeak package:

2) The Mbrola Synthesizer binary:

3) The English Mbrola voice file en1:

4) The Mbrola Server which redirects Emacspeak output to Mbrola: