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Re: Kernel 2.2.2, include?

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > This sounds like LSB to me.
> >
> LSB was much more global.  Having a software base common to every
> distrib is attractive but the risk is Linux will then move at the rate
> of the slowest moving distribution.

Not quite.  It lays out a few standards that don't nead to change and 
since it's posible with some care on the distributers part to maintain
backward compatibility eaven during major uphevals ( a.out -> elf, libc
-> glibc etc... ) all it neads to be is a standard on top of which they
can build future distributions.
> However there is a couple of areas like PPP connectivity where I think
> Linux would benefit from more unification: Linux users are now as many
> as Apple users so we could ask to be treated with the same
> consideration than Apple users.  But no distrib taken individually can
> match Apple market share so no Linux connectivity kits from your ISP.

True.  Also I would like to see all distributions support RPMs.  The 
only viable alternative is for them to go with DPKG but that isn't 
going to happen.