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Re: EmacsSpeak

> I have gotten EmacSpeak, Embrola and Embrola Server to work.
> Yes I know independence should be de emphasizing emacs in
> favor of simpler tools but for a blind person it's the least
> expensive way to use a computer ( $ 15 sound card VS $ 900
> hardware synthesizer :).

What I fear is Donovan's reaction.  Because I want to write a text
about VI pointing good reasons when you should not learn or teach it
(and also when to use it or teach it).  But while my text is IMHO well
balanced it is and could be accepted by a lucid VI user it is
certainly far away of the "Thou shalt learn VI" traditional in Unix
and I have met some people who will want me shot.  I also want to
introduce some features like never having a program calling VI unless
the user takes action for it, or having an alternative editor in /bin
and in rescue floppies.  My feeling is that VI has been a major factor
in Unix bad reputation.  Proof of this is that every Unix hater I know
gave VI as the very first reason for his dislike of Unix.  That is why
I want to have as many Indy users as possible never needing to use or
learn VI.

VI is an editor for a niche OS not an editor for an OS aiming to
spread everywhere.  Last year, in thse server field and for new boxes
Linux became as big as all other Unixes put together and it is
probably already much bigger in the worstation/homestation field.  So
the argument "VI is the standard Unix editor" doesn't hold: if the
Linux people agree upon another editor it will be to the Solaris and
AIX guys to learn our editor instead of us learning theirs.  And to
Sun and IBM to ship that editor in their workstations.  Sounds
arrogant but _WE_ are the standard.  And more and more Linux users
will never use a "real" Unix.

In order to be able to downplay VI use both in Indy and in adocacy
texts I made a rule to myself to not work for adding extensions to
Emacs in Indy or replacing it by Xemacs.  Also don't add Emacs
advocacy texts in the distrib.  I need to be able to tell I downplay
VI for the good of Linux without being accused of pushing my favorite
editor (Emacs).

That is why it will be difficult for me to work on Emacspeak.  But I
will accept an RPM done by someone else.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses