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Re: EmacsSpeak

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> That is why it will be difficult for me to work on Emacspeak.  But I
> will accept an RPM done by someone else.  :-)

The original RPMS install seamlessly and edit scripts to add 
themselves in nicely.  In other words they behave like good Indi
RPMS.  I am hardpresed to think of what to improve :).

There is a good excuse for making an exception in this case.
It's called "Accessibility options".  Even Windows NT 5 has a
speech mode ( narrator ) built in.  Sure it doesn't give much
useful information and my girlfriend wrote a 2 page bug report
( I am a MS BETA tester too :) explaining how to make it useful.

EMacspeak however she finds useful today and will take the 
months  ( perhaps years ) to learn Emacs' arcane commands so
that she can teach it as a class to other blind people.