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Are we going to use the egcs-1.1.2-24 or gcc-2.95-2 compiler? 

I noticed the change in the RPMS directory on the ftp site. I need to
update ASAP to the correct compiler for development reasons.

I also need some recommendations on which features need/should be
compiled into the kernel. I will assume the rest should be modules.

And to relieve some of the burden of getting things ready for the new
6.2-xx release (I assume). Give me a list or a good idea of which RPMS
need to be rebuilt. I can start some of the work and upload the files.

I am trying to avoid Jean having to do all of the work getting this
thing ready when I now have a box with the capacity to handle such

I will work with you Jean in any way I can. I will be writing more code
also, but there are things that can be running in the background to make
use of my daily uptime.
R.G. Mayhue