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Organizing for 6.2

If we skip 6.1 (but this seems general consensus) then we have a
problem because both RG Mayhue and me are band width starved so we
would need respectively an american and a european user providing a CD
Rom in order we can see the future 6.2 in action and check our work
against it.

About adapting packages logical order would be:

1) Recompile the most blatantly old packages that are unique to
Independence and (if time allows) replace those apps we find have far
better equivalents.  However we have to keep moderation on this
because this is the surest way to let time pass and never release.

2) Go for the Indy suffixed packages.  Those are in RedHat but
   modified by Indy.  I place ythose later because there is a non zero
   probabilty that RedHat modifies them before final release.

3) Packages in who have mandatorily to be the latest and greatest
   like the kernel and XFree have to be left for the very last.

I guess for now the best is use egcs because gcc 2.95 seems to have
some grievous bugs.  However gcc 2.95 generates far better code so
best would seomeone keeping a watch on the gcc development lsit and
perhaps ask some questions in it about release dates, bugs and if it
is safe to use pentium optimizations.

IN the interim we can also hack the installer: conflict resolution,
adding the Indialer and support for multiple CDs.

There is also the manpower problem: as Jonathan Veit told we are
pitted against larger teams having a headstart so we really could use
more people.  We have two choices here either try to rush 6.1 but I
fear it will have marginal propagandistic effect or publish a
manifesto on the usual sites (but its effect will be lesser if we
don't have something ready).

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses