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Re: Organizing for 6.2

> On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> > 
> > I guess for now the best is use egcs because gcc 2.95 seems to have
> > some grievous bugs.  However gcc 2.95 generates far better code so
> > best would seomeone keeping a watch on the gcc development lsit and
> > perhaps ask some questions in it about release dates, bugs and if it
> > is safe to use pentium optimizations.
> >
> Are the bugs you mention really serious? The gnu gcc web site makes no
> warning about any major bugs and it seems there are many developers
> using gcc 2.95.2 I do not have any problem using the egcs version, but I
> would hate to pass on better quality code and pentium optimizations if
> there are no serious problems with gcc 2.95.2

Alan Cox mentionned some pretty common code who is miscompiled by gcc
2.95.2.  I don't rememeber if he gave examples.  I would hate too to
let pass the opportunity of a faster distrib if there is no serious
problems with 2.95 so we will have to ask.

> > 
> > IN the interim we can also hack the installer: conflict
> > resolution, adding the Indialer and support for multiple CDs.
> >
> We are talking about the newt installer, right?

Anaconda can use both X and console.  Problem is size: X can very well
force us to go multiCDs.  However before everything we have to see the
new version in action in order to see if we decide to use it.  There
is also the dirty trick to hack anaconda in order to force it to
install console mode if that is not too crippled respective to X mode
(last was) so we can let X out.  That would be easier but uglier than
having an X install on a multiCD distrib.

> How do you test the installer without actually preforming the install? I
> have not looked at the source in a while, but I believe there is a way
> to test it. Do you know how Jean?

There is a --test argumant to anaconda

> I have started looking at the sources of anaconda and I have started
> studing Python. I will need to to learn it and play with it. I have
> heard it is a fun language to use and easy to learn. I will see.

Very fun, very easy, very clean.  Makes difficult to write non
mantainable code.  Best language since invention of natural language
by australopithecus.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses