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Re: src.rpm

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Stefan Rieken wrote:

> 1: I believe someone said that you can re-create the original directory
> structure (used for creating) of an rpm package by using the src.rpm. Is
> this true, and how? 

Rebuild the rpm from the src.rpm. Make sure you comment out the %clean
section of the spec file if there is one, so that RPM does not delete the
files created during the build.

> 2: Further on that: I put the files of all the 3 packages in the BUILD
> etc. dirs before building the 3 rpms. Does this mean that a single
> package contain all the files for the 3 packages (so including those
> files not being used by it)?

I am confused -- I don't get what you are trying to say. Some RPMs include
multiple source files.There are also src.rpms that build multiple binaries
from the one source package. A good example is with shared libs, you
usually have libfoo and libfoo-devel which are in the one src.rpm

> 3: I'm confused by the SOURCES and BUILD directories. When do you switch
> from one to the other, when is one used, etc.?

SPECS : 	For spec files
SOURCES : 	where you keep the source tarballs
BUILD :  	RPM automatically unpacks the sources here.
buildroot : 	Test directory that the files are installed
		into. Varies. Usually somewhere under /var or /tmp