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Re: LinNieghborhood 0.4.3

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 11:08:21PM -0500, Jonathan Veit wrote:
> > I've seen the CFM, and it is indeed quite good for the end user.  However
> > I've never used LinNeighbor Hood, but I would be willing to test out for you
> > guys at my school network where we are currently trying to get a linux
> > server up, which will be connected to a Win2000 network.  Also we are going
> > to use 6.2beta so thats a plus.  And I probably have a good perspective on
> > it since I don't myself have the much experience in Samba we will see how
> > Indy-ish it truly is.
> > 
> > ~Jon
> If you wanted to try this (or another one) out in your school, and write up
> a summary of what you did, how it worked, whether it performed as you
> expected (and how it stacks up against other solutions you've seen, if
> you've seen this done other times), this would be really keen.
> I could pull some strings to get the document some good publicity. It would
> be good publicity for whatever application you picked, good publicity for
> Independence/Seul, good publicity for your school... good all around. :)
I just want to comment here. I think this idea of Rogers is an excelent
one! When I have some spare time I will check with some of the high
schools in my area and see if they would be interested in doing
something like this. It would be a really cool project for some students
and provide a neat way of giving Indy users a overview of available

Nice one Roger!!

What do you think Jon?

R.G. Mayhue