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Here's a reaction of Dan Ingalls, Squeak Central.



Dan Ingalls wrote:
> Stefan -
> >I was hoping to hear more from you about the Squeak for the Independence
> >Linux distribution. Is SqC still on it?
> Oops.  Yes, absolutely.  It depends what you mean by "on it".  We now have what I would characterize as an adequately stable 2.7 release.  However, I'm not a Linux user, so I don't know about that package.  I will see if I can get someone on the list to collect the things you need.
> >About Squeak I would like someone in the Squeak group add tutorials
> >and goodies to the basic RPM I have made.  I have heard of something
> >called wonderland (read the chapter 7 of
> >http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~mark.guzdial/drafts/ ) who seems to run on
> >top of squeak and it would nice to include with squeak if it is not
> >unordinately big).  My top for squeak and assorted goodies would be 10
> >megs but I would relax it a bit for wonderland.
> Wonderland is included in the Squeak release, and it all runs in 10M.  There are various ways to make up small Squeaks that will run in little over 1M.  The files (not incl documentation or tutorials -- but don't worry, there isn't much ;-) on disk are a little over 20M, that compresses to about 6M.
>         - Dan