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Re: Before you release....

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Jonathan Veit wrote:

> I havent participated in discussions before, but i signed up for the
> list and followed what your doing and pretty interested in it.  I'll

Welcome to Indy then. Always good to see new faces (so to speak) raising
valid points.

> probably participate in beta testing of indy.  However there is something
> that bugs me with almost all linux installations. I don't know if you've
> heard of the BIOS 1024 bug.... where the bios can not reach over sector
>     I haven't seen any installation really confront this however...
>             - Redhat 6.0 wouldn't let you make a linux partition above
> the sector 1024 if it knew the bug was there.... however it just
> prevents the error from happening not                     solving it. 

IIRC, Indy is based on the RedHat 6.0 install, so I guess that the same
would apply to Indy's install. But, in my experience most Linux systems
give you the option to create a boot disk. Everytime I install a Linux
system, I create a boot disk, and use that instead of over writting the
MBR. I currently don't dual boot on any of my machines, but none of them
have anything useful in the MBR, they all boot direct from a floppy.
Granted I do only reboot my boxes to install/play with the hardware, 
install a UPS or similar, so I'm probably not the user Indy's aimed at,
but I can't see why this solution shouldn't be usable by 'normal' users.

Infact if Indy 6.1-0.8 uses the same install manager (more or less) as
6.0-0.8, then it DOES ask/prompt/allow the creation of a boot disk; my
current Indy system boots from the floppy.

Perhaps we should add this into the docs, or install process?

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