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Manifesto beta.

Here's what I've got for the shortened manifesto, I'm wondering if it
needs to be shorter still. But I think making it any shorter might not
send the message out.
Independence Linux: The user's revolt

Independence is not just one of these commercial distributions that have been
appearing frequently for months. It aims at being a distribution allowing the 
users to make their voice heard in distribution design.

Eight years after Linux was created, its distributions are still patterned as
if the Linux users lived in a Unix world. But they aren't, and this is slowing
Linux's progress. In a Unix world you can ignore home users and small 
organizations: they simply can't afford it. You can assume the user has a system
administrator to care for the box. In Linux you cannot ignore the small company
or the home user, eight years after Linux was created, distribution designers 
are seemingly unaware of this basic fact.

We at Project Independence think that the Linux user is different to the Unix 
user, we know that Linux has the potential to go where Unix never had the 
chance to. We feel Linux should be used by the home user and the small 
companies. We think those users are presently neglected by the commercial 
distributions. This means that we need Linux specific solutions. It is time
for Linux users to take charge. This is why we made Independence.

Independence Linux is a free distribution designed by users for the users.

You can find out more about Project Independence Linux online at:

David Webster
David Webster |   PGP key ID:  | Project Independence Linux, Security:
cog@seul.org  | 0x 45 FA C2 83 | http://independence.seul.org/security/
   "Our moral progression cannot begin until we have independence."