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Re: Before you release....

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
>    From: "Jonathan Veit" <Jon347@flashmail.com>
> >  I havent participated in discussions before, but i signed up for the =
> >  list and followed what your doing and pretty interested in it.  I'll =
> >  probably participate in beta testing of indy.  However there is =
> >  something that bugs me with almost all linux installations. I don't know =
> >  if you've heard of the BIOS 1024 bug.... where the bios can not reach =
> >  over sector or header 1024 therefor, the BIOS can not boot anything that =
> >  is installed that is past this sector.  This becomes not so much a =


> Solving boot problems is not so easy.  In addition to the 1024
> cyklinder probelm I have seen people being unable to boot Linux
> because it was installed in an SCSI disk (the IDE one being for
> Windows) and the SCSI controller was a biosless one so unable to be
> used for booting.  Many, many problems.  In addition newer boxes don't
> havce the 1024 limit.
> >      I haven't seen any installation really confront this however...

Try the GRUB. We are succefully using it in Best Linux.
Over 3000 beta testers has been tested it and we have found only
a few errors which are now being fixed.

However please consider first fixing dependent packages including kernel
rpm, lilo configurator, linuxconf etc. and the installer.

> And I cannot presentlty with my limited resources and time running
> short be able to fix the problem.
> 	       - Redhat 6.0 wouldn't let you make a linux partition above =
> >  the sector 1024 if it knew the bug was there.... however it just =
> >  prevents the error from happening not                     solving it.=20

My opinion is that this is just a bad patch. It does not fix the
original problem like GRUB does.


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