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Re: Before you release....

> Solving boot problems is not so easy.  In addition to the 1024
> cyklinder probelm I have seen people being unable to boot Linux
> because it was installed in an SCSI disk (the IDE one being for
> Windows) and the SCSI controller was a biosless one so unable to be
> used for booting.  Many, many problems.  In addition newer boxes don't
> havce the 1024 limit.

I don't think that many end users use SCSI drives.  I'm not looking to find
a new solution of these problems but point users into the solutions we do
have, ie floppy.  And my motherboard is not dated more than 8 months and is
using AWARD bios, a popular type.... but it also had problems - I'm not what
you define as newer.

> And I cannot presentlty with my limited resources and time running
> short be able to fix the problem.

Once beta is released I'll see what I can do. I haven't been programming
that long of a times (2 - 3 years) but I'll give it a look.  And I apologize
i didn't mean to seem like i was demanding it. I know how limited indy is on

> Yes.  I will look if I can find something on Mandrake but this Indy
> release does not pretend to be a perfect distrib only to spread an
> idea: we, the users know better what we need so we build our very own
> distrib and also many Linux users don't fit i the Unix user model:
> they dion't learn the same way, they don't use for the same tasks,
> they don't use in the same places: sticking to Unix does not aloow to
> fulfill their needs and slows Linux spreading.

Ok. One question though.....i noticed on your list of applications it has:
lilo (Indy):  Indy's LILO tells you how to get out of trouble.
What does that mean?  I didn't notice that before I sent this email.

And as a last comment, I'm just suggesting ideas - I've never had prior unix
experience before linux. I've been through that first time installing linux
experience and I've seen the normal problems we run into.  I'm just trying
to give ideas, not telling you what should be in the distrubution. Just
trying to help, not make more work.