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Re: Should we make a www group?

Hmm, makes me low man on the totem pole, I have not got Linux up and
running, yet.

To confirm my ignorance I don't know what pearl scripts are or do.

I can write HTML, I use Homesite for the editor of my simple website.

Nothing great, I don't care for frames either, CSS is handled by the latest
browsers and I don't know much about it, Java is nice but slows down access
to web pages so I have avoided that and consequently learned just enough to
forget all I did learn. However, I would be glad to help anyway I can.

I may have stuck my neck out too far?


From: Donovan Rebbechi
>I write perl scripts to generate html ( the /software section ). I also
>wrote a number of shell scripts that maintain consistency in the page
>headers ( you can do the same thing using frames, but I hate frames ... )
>Now some notes about writing the webpage :
>(a) you should have apache installed on your own machine, and have a
>complete mirror of the website on your disk (make a user called indy and
>put it in indy's public_html directory ). The website wants to be at
>the root of its domain.  Make an /etc/hosts entry for independence
>( and configure a virtual host in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.
>DocumentRoot /home/indy/public_html
>ServerName independence
>(b) nightly tarballs of the site ( excluding /software which is
>automatically generated )  are available at
>This is generated by a cron job, so it's always up to date.
>(c) I currently have a system in place for keeping the page headers
>consistent. It's probably best that I do changes to page headers at this
>stage ( unless you have the patience to learn how it works )
>(d) When you're uploading changes, just upload the stuff you've
>changed ( you can find out with something like
>find web_directory -mtime -1
>-- Donovan