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The Independence web site (new thread)

Sorry for making a new thread, but I've been away for about 6 hours and
in the meantime, you guys had some discussion ;-)


First, I'll comment a couple of things regarding the current web site:

  1. The links page:
       Why is there a page with links??? It has nothing to do with the
       project! I think, that the web site should only contain
       information related to Project Independence, not Linux in
       general... (all pages should go through a revision)

  2. Bad HTML:
       In my humble opinion, the PI web site contains *bad* HTML code.
       Among other things, it contains MSIE specific code, it's even
       stated in the META tags...(!) The positioning of all of the HTML
       tags are not to pretty either!

  3. Kill the style sheets!:
       Style sheets are not supported widely in the "browser-market". By
       using them, you would make the page browser-specific and that is
       *not good*! Use of SSI (or PHP?) should be used instead

Even though Donovan doesnt' think a redo of the site is necessary, I
think it would help. Even though text-only versions of web sites can be
pretty boring (most of them are), it is possible to make some (limited)
effect with text only:

| Home | Developers | Manifesto | Software | Mailing list | Site map |

It of course requires a fixed-width font, but by using <pre>, most
(all?) graphical browsers will automatically format the text with

I've started using <pre> pretty much, because you save a lot of tags
(and bandwidth)!


How to update the web site:

I am a big fan of SSI. It's much simpler to use than perl (don't flame
me for saying that ;-) when you need a simple-to-update web site.
Therefore, I think that SSI is the way if we want pages that are easy to

You should also remember that SSI is not just for including text into a
document! It goes way beyond that :-D


Who's doing what?:

It's obvious that we need to split the job into pieces! I don't know
about you guys, but I'd like to:

  1. Make a new, text-only web site (usable by any browser)
  2. Take care of updating some of the pages.
  3. Do the administration of a "WWW group".

These are the jobs that I would like to do, because I only do HTML/SSI.
The administration of a "WWW group" is so that I can be more useful in
the project :-)


Did I miss anything? I probably did, but just shout and I'll be there to
answer ;-)