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Re: Tips

>While doing a few of them I realized that the ones I was coming up with
>mostly terminal tricks, which then brought me to another questions.  Should
>tips be GUI focused such as "How to Create Shortcut " or Conosle tricks
>as "Virtual Terminals".  And then if GUI focused, KDE or GNOME? they have
>different elements, and if we were to do both than we should have different
>databases.  Who knew such a simple app could prose so many questions.

   So we need a conf file for the tip box to say which databases to pull
tips from.  That way the user can select Terminal, KDE, Gnome, Networking,
Samba...  It would also allow us to build a large extensible database.  I
could even see other distributions including it.

   As for building the file, we can set up an easy web based perl script on
the inde site.  It would add one line in the help file format from any user.
Sure, we would have to filter some garbage, but it would allow the post
people to grow the file the quickest.  I am thinking a large Hint field,
with a small Submitted By field, and a small E-mail Address, the e-mail
optional. I can write this script and the required HTML in a few minutes, if


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